Frequently Asked Questions

Here is a set of frequently asked questions and answers about the Link Co-Op. If you have a question that isn't answered here, just email us at

Why should I join?

There are two major reasons why anyone would want to join a link exchange. One is to have more inbound links to their site which will result in a better search engine ranking. The other is to market your website. Since Link-Co-Op is fully automated, if you want to make changes (e.g. your search words), it is immediately reflected on all the dynamic sites that point to you.

What is a Link Exchange?

Wikipedia describes it better than we can. Here is a link to their site on the topic of Link Exchange.

There are tons of Link Exchanges out their -- How is yours different?

First, we are geared towards photography sites. Because we are photography related sites pointing to other photography sites, we have a common domain of reference.

Second, we don't have everyone link with everyone. Google doesn't like that. We continually refine our proprietary heuristically adaptive network of links algorithm that will optimize and automate the linking process. Our algorithm will fall within the google guidelines so we don't get into trouble.

Finally, we are a small cooperative of sites, not a massive conglomerate, with the goal of increasing the relevance of our sites on the internet.

What are the requirements?

You must be able to edit your main webpage file (index.html) to point to a file on your server and you must be able to upload a file to your server. The file you upload is your outbound links to some other members in the co-op. You must have the knowledge edit your index.html web page, or have your website guy do this for you. We cannot help.

If you can't change your main web page or upload the linking file to your site, your only option to get links is to purchase them.

Is your linking dynamic or static?

Both. We support dynamic linking (linking that automatically changes as the co-op grows) using a php file. We also support static linking using plain old html files.

What is the difference between the PHP file and the HTML file

The .php file that you upload to your server is the preferred file to upload. It is best for you in that you only need to upload the file when you join and then you can forget about it. It automatically adapts to the link network as we grow. Automatically you get more inbound links as the network grows.

We realize that some websites do not support php files and so we provide the straight html file option. The html file option is a point-in-time snapshot of the link network. That is as the network grows, you do not automatically get more inbound links. This will require you to get a new html file periodically (currently every three months) and put it on your webserver. While the process is simple, it does require you to do some work from time-to-time to stay current.

Does everyone share with everyone?

No. The idea is that sub-set of the member sites will point to your site and your site will point to a different sub-set of the members sites. This will result in a link sharing Mesh Network.

Do I always point to the same sites and do the same sites always point to me?

No. The network is always evolving and who points to who adapts as the membership and network grows.

Can I see who is pointing to me?

Yes. We provide you with a list of sites that are pointing to you and their links. We are 100% transparent!

I have joined these things before and people stop linking over time.

Yes, that is a problem with manual link sharing systems. Our system is totally automated. If a person stops sharing links, they will automatically be removed from the network. They can join again at anytime by re-verifying their site.

How many links do I get?

You get 20 free inbound links.

Can I have more than one website?

Absolutely. Add as many websites as you like.

I have the super sweet idea for this co-op -- who should I tell?

Please send us an email